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Отраслевая информация

Definition and classification of plastic cups


Plastic cups refer to disposable containers for beverages and tea. It is a non-degradable product and is the main source of “white pollution”. The largest use of disposable plastic cups is generally in beverage stores, hot and cold drinks shops, tea shops, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, offering a variety of plastic cups for take-away drinks and on-site use.

No. 1 PET

Common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. Heat resistant to 70 ° C is easy to deform, and there are substances harmful to the human body. After 10 months of plastic products, the carcinogen DEHP may be released. Can't put in the sun in the car; don't pack alcohol, oil, etc.


Common white medicine bottles, cleaning products, bath products. Don't use it as a water cup, or use it as a storage container for other items. Cleaning is not thorough and should not be recycled.

No. 3 PVC

Common raincoats, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes, etc. Excellent plasticity, low price, so it is very common to use, can only heat 81 ° C. High temperature is easy to produce bad substances, rarely used in food packaging. Difficult to clean and residue, do not recycle. Do not buy if you have a drink.

No. 4 PE

Common plastic wrap, plastic film, etc. Harmful substances are produced at high temperatures. When toxic substances enter the human body with food, they may cause diseases such as breast cancer and birth defects. Keep the plastic wrap in the microwave oven.

No. 5 PP

Common soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice drinks bottles, microwave lunch boxes. With a melting point of up to 167 ° C, it is the only plastic box that can be placed in a microwave oven and can be reused after careful cleaning. It should be noted that some microwave oven lunch boxes are made of No. 5 PP, but the cover is made of No. 1 PE. Since PE cannot withstand high temperature, it cannot be placed in the microwave oven together with the box.

No.6 PS 

Common bowls of instant noodles, fast food boxes. Can not be placed in the microwave to avoid release of chemicals due to excessive temperature. After acid (such as orange juice) and alkaline substances, it will decompose carcinogens. Avoid packing hot food with a snack box. Don't use a microwave to cook bowls of instant noodles.

No.7 other PC class

Common kettles, space cups, and bottles. Department stores often use water cups of this kind as gifts. It is easy to release the toxic substance bisphenol A, which is harmful to the human body. Do not heat when using, do not expose to direct sunlight

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